Monday, November 21, 2011

The Cassette House


Over the years I've had the opportunity to perform in a multitude of different show spaces.  Whether it was inside a little red shed in Virginia, a basement in Pittsburgh, or a ritzy club on South Beach these places always had various characteristics that made them all special in their own ways. Tucked away in the heart of Brevard County there was a DIY venue known as: The Cassette House.

Although I had previously known and performed with many of the local mainstays (Cassettes on Fire, Worst Friends, and Gillian Carter) of the Brevard County music scene at other venues, it wasn’t until this past summer that I actually had the pleasure of playing at The Cassette House. After relocating to the Orlando area in late August, I was finally close enough to spend some quality time at The Cassette House before they closed their doors earlier this month. At this apartment I was bombarded by amazing artists from both near and far, finally getting a taste of the wonderful scene the residents had crafted for themselves and Brevard County as a whole. 

Through sheer passion and determination, the residents of The Cassette House had created a place both locals and touring acts enjoyed and longed to play. For many out of state and international artists, the thought of travelling to/or through Florida is as unrealistic as the thought of snowstorms wreaking havoc in Miami. With that being said, The Cassette House established and built a reputation that encouraged many of these out of state and international artists to not only come to Florida but to drive the extra hours all the way to Central Florida just to experience its spectacular shows and magnificent demeanor.

In having free shows but encouraging donations to pay the artists, The Cassette House maintained outstanding crowds and extremely positive atmospheres. Everyone who entered the apartment went home happy. The artists were compensated and provided with couches/futons for the night while patrons were given memorable and intimate concerts. I was privileged enough to perform at the second to last show and to attend the final concert at The Cassette House. I’ve compiled a playlist of videos of all the bands that performed at that final show which you can below. 

Although it is very unfortunate to see such a historic place come to an end, it is also exciting to see what type of influence this monumental place will have left on the Brevard County music scene.

The Cassette House had a huge impact on not only myself but also numerous others. Personally, I feel very fortunate to have had the privilege and pleasure to have shared in some of the wonderful experiences that took place there and will always cherish those memories. The Cassette House may be gone, but its Legacy will live on.  



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