Monday, March 19, 2012

Mike Young Interview


This week I had the opportunity to speak with the one and only Mike Young, CEO and Founder of Unfair Roots and After Sweet Kiss. With years of countless experience within the music industry in avenues including event booking and coordinating, promotions, touring, and distribution; Mike Young has built a reputation and resume that reflects his passion and dedication to the entertainment and music industry.

After we began discussing his impressive resume he was very quick to explain the importance of mutual benefits in terms of the actual negotiation and deal making process. Whether he is working with bands or the venues associated with an event he works in order to find and/or create a situation in which all those involved benefit as opposed to just one person or establishment. Through years of cutting his teeth in bands like Tunes For Bears To Dance To and Osceola, Mike Young cemented his status and reputation as a highly motivated, driven powerhouse in the diy scene and the punk rock community. By taking the initiative to do things himself and finding ways to navigate through various situations to he continues to make deals and negotiate terms that are beneficial to all the parties involved. This mentality and track record have given Mike Young leverage and power in multiple situations allowing him to utilize BATNA’s to negotiate the best terms for all of those involved. 

Due to this attitude towards negotiating and deal making Mike Young not only finds himself appreciated but also in a role that allows him to affiliate with whomever he chooses. With these options Mike Young has been able to steer clear of dealing with dirty tricks and/or dirty tactics from others. Although there are those who will always utilize these types of ticks and tactics, Mike Young is not one of them. Currently, Mike Young is preparing to embark on another tour of Japan which he successfully negotiated for his band (Unfair Roots) and their good friends Tideland.



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