Sunday, April 1, 2012



For this post I've decided to write about my instrumental EP "Crybaby" which was released in 2010. After spending years writing, recording, and releasing songs with both musical and lyrical content, I felt compelled to put out a release that contained completely instrumental multilayered tracks with more of an ambient and soothing feel. Initially I chose to release the "Crybaby" EP on my own. I personally undertook every aspect of the release from the art direction to the actual design and construction of the package itself. For the simple fact that this was a special and very unique release for Montgomery Drive, a key aspect in the failure/success of the release was the product management. For this reason alone, I felt it was extremely important to differentiate the packaging from my previous releases to reflect how unique "Crybaby" was in relation to my other releases. In addition to the packaging, I also chose to make the physical packages of "Crybaby" in limited quantities to allow the release to be all the more special due to its rarity. 

At that point in time the packages I had been doing myself were all CDs however with the help of BEAR Records / BEAR Distro I was able to also release limited quantities of  "Crybaby" on Cassette. In terms of the CD packaging,  I hand painted cds, individually hand numbered the packages, hand cut and printed inserts, and physically put each package together myself. As far as the management of the product, because this release was so near and dear to my heart I personally wanted to put the same love and care into the package as I had into the actually writing and recording process. The end result is something that to this day I find myself being very pleased with. From time to time I even hear from people who discovered the CD somewhere or ordered the tape through BEAR Records / BEAR Distro and it always puts an extra big smile on my face. Moreover, whenever someone refers the the CD, the fact that I personally undertook all the aspects in putting it together it is very flattering. At this time I only have a couple left in my possession (CDs and Cassettes), and I know BEAR Records / BEAR Distro has limited quantities left as well. While on tour in Japan I left a bunch copies with my friend Hiroyuki (from S-Explode) to have in stock with his distro and recently heard Rok Lok Records from Long Island, NY are now carrying a few of the cassettes. That's all for this post, feel free to stream and/or download "Crybaby" for free on my bandcamp page.



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